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Treatment Process

Patients can expect visible and reliable treatment results - below is a description of the treatment process we utilize to treat patients at

Won Acupuncture & Herbs.

1. Diagnosis of diseases based on Eastern Medicine principle


We look at in-depth patient history using a thorough survey form and physical signs and symptoms.

2. Dietary changes and modification of eating habits


After analyzing patient's diet patterns, "right foods" for patient's body types and constitutions are chosen and recommended.

3. Mental, emotional assessment


Mental distress and stress plays a large part of a person's illness or disease in today's society and we use natural herbal

medicine to treat them.

4. Posture correction


Wrong posture is another main issue that can generate pain and disorders in major organs of our body. If abnormal posture is found, practical and easy exercises will be given to help correct the posture.





Acupuncture Treatment x2 Times

Prescription of Herbal Medicine

According to patient's response to acupuncture, the initial herbal medicine is decided, given, and adjusted 2-3x times.

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