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Areas of Expertise

Pain management


Immediate relief of pain : Acupuncture treatment of our clinic gives you immediate pain relief in areas such as shoulder, lower back, and sciatica-related pain. The length of effectiveness will mostly last 3 to 7 days and it is also dependent on patient's energy level (Qi). If patient's Qi is extremely weak, the effects can last only one day. However, patient's response and the duration of the pain relief is some of the parameters  that can also be used for assessment of patient's overall health status. For severe cases such as chronic pain, natural herbs are prescribed. The results are very visible if the right formula is found and applied.


Natural herbal formulas of Asian medicine have proven effectiveness in treating gynecological conditions and has shown high success rates in conjunction with western medicine. Eastern medicine has accumulated clinical data and treatment methods for over 2000 years.

Before considering Western medicine treatment, consultation and treatment by natural medicine is strongly recommended, especially for conditions such as menorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menopause and freezing cold hands and feet syndrome.

Disorders of immune, metabolic, and circulatory systems

Eastern medicine fills the gap that exists in Western medicine as it is originated from the concept of holistic / whole person point of view of our body, as opposed to symptom based approach of Western medicine.

High rates of successful treatment have been shown with the following common diseases of the aforementioned systems:

- Tourette's Syndrome

- Allergies

- Atopic dermatitis

- IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

- Extreme Cold Body Syndrome

- Reynaud's Syndrome

- Chronic Dry coughing with mucous production

Mental & Psychological Disorders

For the last two decades, treatments for mental disorder has greatly improved in Eastern Medicine, especially by traditional Korean Eastern medicine doctors. Unlike Western medicine's frequent side effects, natural herbal medicine is well specified and based on patient's psychological sentiments (anxiety, worry, sadness, anger). Usually, if a right herbal formula is given, patients will start to feel immediate relief and calming of symptoms within a few hours.

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